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Customer Story with Stratum Health: Clinicians Connect to Patients with Mobility & Single SIM
IoT Keeps Mobile Clinicians Delivering Care to Remote Locations

Every day, hundreds of health care clinicians from Stratum Health System provide clinical care through hospice, assisted living, and long-term care facilities to more than 2,000 rural patients. Mobile connectivity is vital to these road warriors to be able to provide clinical documentation through tablets and smartphones. MetTel’s IoT Single SIM solution allows Stratum Health System clinicians to leverage the best cellular service on their rounds. MetTel-provided mobile devices and connectivity solutions keep these clinicians connected and productive so they can provide care where it’s needed most.
Customer Story with TireHub: IoT Single SIM Keeps Deliveries Online, On Time and On Route
National Distributor Finds One Mobile Provider for the Entire Country

National tire distributor TireHub wanted more visibility into the logistics, warehousing, and delivery of tires to hundreds of dealerships across the U.S. They turned to MetTel’s IoT Single SIM solution to help their 1,000+ person field team throughout the delivery process. With the IoT Single SIM program, drivers, often in rural areas, use Apple iPads (procured through MetTel), to connect to TireHub’s ERP system to create a faster and fuel-efficient route. Plus, the plan makes it easy for TireHub’s IT organization; the entire U.S. field team is covered under one vendor contract with MetTel.
Intelygenz: Automate Your Way to a Triple Digit ROI
Customer Story with Watermark Communities: Cloud PBX IP Phones
21 States But One Cloud PBX

Break/fix, repeat. You know the drill. Now, imagine doing that for literally hundreds of telecom providers and old PBX systems across 21 states and 60 locations. That was the case for senior living company Watermark Communities. MetTel helped them consolidate to a single source for ordering, implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting. MetTel’s Cloud PBX IP phone system allowed Watermark to spend less time on repair and more time on increasing functionality and productivity.
Remote Learning Solutions for Three Overlooked IT Concerns
Reading, Writing, and Remote Learning

MetTel is helping school districts across the U.S. to transition to virtual classrooms. In this webinar, MetTel’s VP of Mobility, Max Silber, offers his three considerations for schools as they make their transition. Max also explains how some top districts are procuring and rolling-out remote learning solutions using MetTel’s “Two Minute Drill.” Mobile devices are provisioned within 120 seconds, sparing school districts’ IT departments from hours of prep per device.
Answers to Three Common Smart City Questions
Answers to Common Smart City Questions

Even the cities thought of as early adopters are still at the beginning of smart city transformations. At the heart of these programs are IoT devices and the imagination to innovate public services. Learn more about the history of smart cities in the blog post by Ryan Crandell, Director of IoT & Mobile Workforce at MetTel.
SDN and the Post-COVID Office
SDN and the Post-COVID Office

The General Services Administration’s deputy CIO says in light of the pandemic, flexibility is more important than ever...Building capacities are far from certain as workers transition back to the offices from remote work. SDN can help deal with that uncertainty. MetTel is the GSA’s vendor of choice for voice and data services.
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