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Enabling the Remote Workforce

MetTel is helping clients and their mobile teams with solutions that securely drive efficiency, no matter where they are. Fierce Telecom is reporting that with more and more Americans working remotely, virtual private network (VPN) usage was up 34% across national networks and online gaming has grown 75%. This all can impact the productivity of your employees.

At MetTel, we’re helping our customers manage all their IT communications challenges with solutions that are helping them stay connected, resilient, productive and secure, such as:

  • Mobility Devices & Plans – Think of the most popular smartphones and tablets working seamlessly on all the major networks converged into one for your employees, while you receive significant savings beyond what the largest carriers can offer. Read More >
  • SD-M – With COVID-19 requiring many employees to work remotely, corporate mobility costs are rising, in large part due to increasing data accessed by mobile users. SD-M gives administrators control over what apps and services are accessed over your network. With SD-M, MetTel extends private cloud security, compliance and adaptability to corporate mobility.  Read More >
  • TrueUC – For a consistent communications experience, including mobile calling, messaging, voice, SMS, chat, video, and screen sharing, MetTel’s TrueUC can connect with anyone, from any device, enabling employees to collaborate and work more efficiently. Read More >
  • Cloud Firewall with Remote VPN – MetTel can enable all employees to work from home using their existing broadband and connect to all of their company’s internal resources such as CRM, Sharepoint, email, etc. Read More >
  • IoT Single SIM - MetTel’s IoT Single SIM card automatically connects to the strongest mobile signal in any location through the world’s largest communications network.  Read More >
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Michio Kaku at Innovation Summit 2020
Efficient Mobile Workforce Solutions to Lower Overhead Costs

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is already being felt and businesses are asking us for ways to reduce IT communications expenses. MetTel has a full suite of technology designed to bring immediate savings to your work from home and mobile workforce with solutions designed to drive efficiencies without compromising productivity and security.

  • MetTel Portal – Through a single-pane-of-glass, the MetTel Portal, powered by Bruin provides visibility into all critical business operations to generate greater efficiencies and even greater cost savings. Read More >
  • POTS Transformation – For many of our clients, Plain Old Telephony Service, or POTS, is still an increasingly expensive requirement. MetTel is transforming expensive copper wire landlines with a digital alternative, providing a predictable, secure, low-cost alternative for elevators and security. Watch the POTS Transformation Video >
  • Cloud PBX – MetTel offers IP Phones that can be used from home when connected to residential broadband. We also can supply wi-fi enabled desk IP Phones for remote use. Read More >
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MetTel Innovation Summit Reveals Innovative Industry Deployments of Mobility & IoT
Max Silber, MetTel
National Hotel Chain Streamlines Housekeeping, Improves Customer Experience with Single SIM
Max Silber, VP, Mobility & IoT, MetTel

Kirk Rawls, TireHub
TireHub Partners with MetTel to Keep Deliveries Online, On Time and On Route
Kirk Rawls, IT Infrastructure Manager, TireHub

David Lafferty, Stratum Health
Stratum Health Goes “Mobile First” to Deliver Healthcare to Remote Locations with Single SIM
David Lafferty, EVP/CIO, Stratum Health System

MetTel Signs Keep America Connected Pledge

MetTel is proud to be part of the “Keep Americans Connected Pledge” at the request of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Our pledge, along with leading carriers, is to ensure customers in the US aren’t cut off from communications services during the coronavirus pandemic. Read more >
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