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What Your Industry Peers are Saying about 5G

Sometimes, 5G hype doesn’t align with reality. It’s easy to happen—there’s a lot of information and misinformation out there! Here are the top misconceptions we’ve heard: 

  • We are going to hold off on broadband deployment until 5G arrives.
  • 5G technology will help kick start our Digital Transformation.
  • We are placing our IoT plans on hold, why do it now when 5G will be here next year.
  • 5G is coming, we won’t even need a router.
Max Silber talks 5G
It’s Not Too Soon to Plan for 5G

Max Silber, MetTel's VP of Mobility, discusses what you can do today to prepare for 5G tomorrow.

Ed Fox talks 5G
Future Proofing Your Network for 5G

Ed Fox, CTO of MetTel, says that enterprise 5G deployments will be on private, on-premise networks.

5 Tips for 5G Readiness
Are You Really Prepared?

Proper planning for 5G—based on your business objectives—can result in exponential improvements in speed, service, mobile user experience, reliability, automation and energy efficiency. MetTel’s role is to be your strategic advisor—to curate the market and bring you the best of 5G—when and if it makes sense for your business. Here are important areas that MetTel can help you navigate:

  • Audit your network infrastructure
  • Reset your goals based on 5G capabilities and align with your Digital Transformation strategies
  • Deal with the data deluge (especially in-building)
  • Prepare for lightning fast speed and augmented reality
  • Strengthen cybersecurity protocols preparing for IoT and mobility at 5G speeds
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