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2020 Vision: How MetTel is Transforming IT Communications

2020—a new year, and a new decade. MetTel is leading the way with innovative new solutions to transform enterprise wireless and wireline IT communications. Here’s a look ahead at some of the new year’s expected highlights.
SD-M – Product Preview

Want better data insights, usage controls and the ability to enforce corporate mobile policy? MetTel will soon be launching SD-M to extend the benefits of SD-WAN to corporate mobile devices. This private cloud for enterprise mobile devices will provide security, compliance assurance and cost savings to our existing mobility plans.
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POTS Transformation Video
POTS Transformation

For many businesses, the rising cost of maintaining POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) is still very much a reality. That’s because POTS and other TDM services are going away. As of December 1, 2019, Windstream for example, is no longer accepting orders for new POTS Services. In 2020, MetTel will continue to ensure uninterrupted, dependable connectivity with digital alternatives to POTSand specifically for critical alarm lines with MetTel’s POTS Transformation solution.
5G: Separating Hype from Reality Video
5G is Coming

Despite the promise of 5G, it will have its limits—especially when it comes to penetrating many office buildings. MetTel can help you become 5G-ready with upcoming offerings, including small cell and in-building solutions.   
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